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Professional Employer Organization Services

Teamworx is a PEO (Professional Employer Organization). We process payroll, taxes, compliance, labor/unemployment, and offer Self-Insured workers’ comp rates to our client.

We are based in Anderson (Cincinnati), and have been in business since 2014.   Hunter Consulting (leader in Self-Insured Admin) handles the workers comp portion of the PEO.   The majority of our clients are larger, carrying at least $30,000/year in workers comp State Fund premiums.

Teamworx is able to shift liability, add services, and lower costs.

  1.  When workers’ comp claims occur under our program, the claim stay off our clients’ experience (while our client), and become a Teamworx claim for the life of the claim.  Cost of claims under Teamworx are less expensive, sometimes by a wide margin, keeping rates constant, compared to State Fund.
  2. Imagine dealing with one company for payroll, taxes, compliance, workers comp, unemployment, safety services, and optional benefits?  We are able to make life MUCH EASIER, instead of dealing with multiple vendors.   Adding our services will help reduce the chances of a lawsuit or false claim.
  3. Since Teamworx is Self-Insured, we are able to determine our own clients’ rates.  Sometimes these rates are far less than the State Fund.   ANY employer that pays premiums of $30,000 or greater, there may be a financial benefit in working with us.
Benefit Provider Contact: James Baker
Benefit Provider Phone: 5133158834