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Brown County Small Business Resource Guide

Welcome to the Brown County Small Business Resource Guide – your comprehensive resource for launching a successful venture in our vibrant community. Tailored specifically for entrepreneurs in Brown County, this guide is designed to navigate you through the intricacies of starting and growing a small business in our region.

Inside, you'll find essential information on local regulations, licensing procedures, and permits required to establish your business. Gain insights into the unique economic landscape of Brown County, including market trends, consumer behavior, and potential competitors. Our guide also provides practical advice on developing a solid business plan, securing funding, and creating a robust marketing strategy to effectively reach your target audience.

We understand the importance of community support, and our guide highlights local networking opportunities, business associations, and resources that can connect you with fellow entrepreneurs, mentors, and potential collaborators. Discover the advantages of being part of the Brown County business ecosystem, fostering a collaborative environment that propels your venture to new heights.

Whether you're venturing into retail, service-oriented enterprises, or innovative tech startups, the Brown County Small Business Resource Guide is your go-to resource for turning your entrepreneurial dreams into a thriving reality. Take the first step towards success in our dynamic community – consult our guide and embark on your journey to business excellence in Brown County.

Local Resources

Local Village Websites and Ordinances 

Brown County Environmental Resources

Soil Survey 

Brown County Health Department

Small Business Association National Small Business Resource Guide


As of today's date, while the information provided on this web page is intended to be accurate, it should not be considered legal advice. These programs are rapidly evolving and we cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions. Please contact your local bank, SBA and U.S. Treasury websites for updated information. You should also consult with your tax, legal or financial advisor to make the right choice for your business.