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Expand Your Business

Expand Your Business by Joining the Brown County Chamber of Commerce

As a member, you can also grow your business while competing as if you were a larger business. See how joining the Brown County Chamber of Commerce benefits both you and your employees.

Benefits for Your Business

Background checks and Drug Screenings

Finding high quality employees are a challenge for every business regardless of size. Background checks and drug screenings are a necessary step in the selection process. As a Brown County Chamber member, you receive discounts on comprehensive screenings services through TRAK-1. For more information, contact:

Office: 800.600.8999


Energy Savings Program

Energy costs affect every business. As a small to medium sized business, staying abreast of the various energy regulations and its effect on your bottom line can be time consuming. The Community Energy Advisors (CEA) program can help. As a Public Utilities Commission of the Ohio (PUCO) certified energy management firm, CEA educates and empowers organizations to maximize the economics of their energy assets. CEA delivers to you a multitude of energy management solutions to save your business money when it comes to energy costs, positively affecting your bottom line.

For more information, contact:


Office: 330.208.2082

Fax: 330.721.8111


Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s compensation is a necessary component for any business.  Through Hunter Consulting you can pool your experiences with “like” companies to realize an overall premium discount resulting in cost savings. Hunter Consulting helps you smoothly and efficiently administer working and unemployment compensation, disability case management and insurance risk services. For more information, contact:


Office: 513.231.4023

Benefits for Your Employees

Air Evac

Life threatening emergencies strike families unexpected. The financial toll can be devastating. By participating in a membership in the AirMedCare Network, employees can save money during this time of crisis so they can focus on their loved one. For more information, contact Melissa McElroy:


Office: 937.528.9176

Dental Insurance

Offering dental coverage is a value add to any business. The Brown County Chamber of Commerce makes this a reality for your business. Through Superior Dental Care, a Medical Mutual Company, you can offer your employees access to a network of dentists and specialists at reduced cost per visit. For more information, contact:


Office: 800.762.3159


Eye Insurance

When competing for quality employees, offering a cost-effective vision wellness program can set your business apart. Through EyeMed Vision Care, your employees can be proactive when it comes to vision care for their families. With EyeMed, your employees can choose from a diverse network of thousands of private practice and optical retail providers. For more information, contact:

Contact: Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance (SOCA)

Office: 866.723.0391


Health Insurance

Every employee is concerned about healthcare coverage for their family. As a business owner, you want to assure them of the best plan possible while containing costs. Through the Brown County Chamber of Commerce, your business can manage overall claims risk in a larger, self-funded pool, that is backed by an established insurance provider. This is offered through the Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance (SOCA) and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield to businesses with 50 or fewer employees. For more information, contact Tim McKeown:


Office: 937.379.1735

Identity Theft Protection

Attract and retain quality employees by offering identity theft protection as a part of your benefits package. With identity theft protection, employees can focus on being productive at work. For more information, contact Ron Chambers:


Office: 313.215.5304


Prescription Drug Savings Card

Using the RxCut Prescription Savings Card, your employees can experience significant cost savings with regards to prescriptions. This is a benefit every family can enjoy. For more information, contact:

Office: 800.809.0072


Enlarge Your Business

Enhance your visibility. Gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Join the Brown County Chamber of Commerce today to empower your company and your employees to enjoy these additional benefits.