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2021 Brown County Chamber of Commerce Awards

The Brown County Chambers wants to highlight Brown County employers and employees, and organizations who are making an impact in our community.

Nominees should exemplify one or more of the following, during the last year (January – December 2020):

  • Exceptional commitment to our community by helping with a special project and/or ongoing activities
  • Leadership, involvement, cooperation, and hard work in civic, industry and/or professional organizations
  • Inspiration to others as a role model

Whatever the endeavor, big or small, these people deserve to be recognized and applauded for their efforts. If you know of a worthy nominee, then please complete the below nomination form for the consideration of an award.

The Nominee must meet the following requirements:

  • Business/organization nominees must be a member of Brown County Chamber (may be for-profit or not-for-profit).
  • Nominations may be self-nominated or nominated by another person.
  • Nominees cannot be a member of the judges’ panel or member of the judges’ immediate family.
  • Must be a member in good standing with the Chamber.
  • Cannot have won any Chamber award previously.

Nominations of any form (online or mail) will not be accepted past the deadline date of September 8th, 2021.


The judging process be completed by a committee made of business and professional persons, Board Members and staff of the Brown County Chamber of Commerce. Nominees cannot serve as awards judges. All eligible nominations received will be judged by this panel based on the in-depth answers to all questions.

Award Announcement:

The Chamber plans to announce the winners of the Awards at its monthly member meeting on Thursday, September 16th, and to celebrate them at our in-person Chamber Annual Breakfast on Thursday, November 18th. All nominees will be notified and asked to be present for the announcement.